UK49s Lunchtime Results & Teatime Results Today – Latest Winning Numbers

Uk49s is a daily lottery game; in this game, you have to select six numbers between 1-49 daily. Then you have to match all these numbers with lottery numbers. Remarkably, this lottery has different forms which exist in different styles. It is drawn twice a day; Uk49s first draw in the afternoon, and the second in the evening. There are two styles for betting in this game offline and online. You can play both UK49s Lunchtime Results & Teatime Results in this lotto at any office where there is this lottery opportunity.

You can play it at home. Online players pay and get prize cash by a debit card system; also, users can use their trading accounts. So, if you win the lottery, we are informed by the lottery agent, he will contact you by email. The agent also entered the player number so you can play anywhere.

How this Lottery Works

Uk49s is the most frequent draw-based lottery game. In this lottery, you have to pick six numbers from 1 to 49. Then match them with a lottery. The more the number matches with the lottery number, the more your win. Also, the amount of price depends on the amount that you bet. Apart from this, except for six numbers, you can also choose seven numbers. UK49s Lunchtime Results & Teatime Results The more the numbers, the more the chance to win.

Latest Teatime and Lunchtime Results and Also with Predictions

How we can play Uk49s from South Africa

In the United Kingdom, you can play by placing bets, but this system doesn’t work globally. Entry methods are different in other countries like:

  • Pick numbers: Choose the number in one and five from 1-49. Then after selecting five numbers, choose six or seven numbers.
  • Enter the bet: Then enter the amount which you want to bet. It should be minimum or maximum according to your pocket.
  • Play booster ball: Make sure whether you wish to play seventh or sixth now, match this with booster ball.
  • Confirm you enter your draws: Now choose whether you need to enter lunchtime, teatime or both
  • Pay for entries: The entry cost depends on the amount of money that you select on each set.

Uk49s Prices

In this lottery, there are no fixed prices, and a pure odd system is applied which pays on this behalf. To increase the number of prices, increase the number of bets. Depending on your game, bookmarks set their odds, so calculate approximate winning odds.



What is the difference between seventh and sixth numbers?

There is a significant difference between the seventh and the sixth number. If you play with the seventh, you match the results with the first seventh number, but if you play with the sixth, you match your results with the first six numbers. But at seven, you also have a booster ball which increases your winning rate.

Can we play in South Africa?

Yes, you can play easily in South Africa, but the entry methods are different. You can play alternative lottery games online in South Africa. The procedure is quite simple and easy. Also, in online playfields, you can play twice a day and win twice a day.

What are the timings of the Uk49s results announcement?

The lunchtime and teatime timings are always different from each other. If you play teatime, then your timings will be 18:49 SAST, but this varies after a year. But for lunchtime, the timings will be 13:49 SAST; they remain constant throughout the year.

Bottom lines

We hope that after reading our post, you are in a position to play this lotto game effortlessly. Indeed, this game had two draws, teatime and lunchtime, but it’s up to the user to select for himself. Yet, you can play it globally on an online platform. Also, you can check the upcoming prediction to increase your winning ratio.

Uk49s teatime is one of the largest lotteries in South Africa and the UK, and it is drawn twice a day in the UK.

UK49s Lunchtime Results

Check the Latest UK49s Lunchtime results and their winning Numbers with Hot Numbers and Lunchtime Predictions.

16 October 202114, 18, 20, 33, 34, 4022
15 October 20212, 3, 16, 39, 41, 4711
14 October 20211, 3, 14, 18, 20, 4142
13 October 202120, 24, 31, 38, 39, 47 44
12 October 20212, 4, 5, 7, 14, 32 24
11 October 20212, 14, 31, 32, 46, 4724
10 October 20214, 11, 12, 18, 29, 3647
9 October 202113, 16, 18, 20, 25, 4928
8 October 20219, 19, 27, 30, 40, 4722
7 October 20213, 13, 37, 38, 39, 46, 25
6 October 2021 1, 2, 7, 20, 40, 46 41
5 October 2021 3, 12, 18, 32, 33, 43 11
4 October 20217, 22, 27, 40, 41, 4913
3 October 20213, 6, 7, 24, 40, 48 33
2 October 2021 15, 17, 20, 26, 39, 43 29
1 October 20213, 12, 30, 33, 40, 41 9
  • Generally, this lottery is similar to other lotteries.
  • To play this lottery, you need to draw six numbers and one booster number from 1-49.
  • It is totally up to you whether you desire to play the 6 or 7 numbers you drew.
  • The 7 number which you drew contains a booster ball. This ball increases your winning rates.
  • Also, you can choose any number of your own choice randomly.

How to Play the Best to Win Lunchtime Result

You can play smartly by this strategy, in lunchtime results the famous strategy is used regarding wheeling system. Three kinds of wheels we use for this purpose are the full wheel, key number wheel, and abbreviated wheel. For a lottery game, the full wheel has imaginable numbers, and this wheel offers various chances to win a lot of lower prices and a large jackpot. Also, Check the Lunchtime Prediction History. You can get the Result of Both Lotteries Now UK49s Lunchtime Results & Teatime Results Here. The abbreviated wheel is the one that provides minimum chances to win but gives appropriate results. Also, you can follow these steps:

Cold and Hot Balls of Lunchtime Results

The coldest and hottest numbers are based on 49s results. A hot number or hot ball is popular, and it was drawn multiple times in its history. For the model, the new number would be the hot number, and you can also define the hot number as the number that hits the most time in history. Other than that, the cold number is defined as the number which has not been hitter for a long time duration. Hence, to compare the real and expected results compare hot and cold numbers. 26, 16, 28, 32, 41 are the frequent numbers, but among all, 26 has been drawn up to 281 times.

Cold ball: 42, 35, 1

Hot ball: 16, 10, 4

Lunchtime Predictions:

If you aim to win the results other than history, it proves helpful for you. In general, predictions are indicated by expertise check prediction of previous years 2019, 2015, 2018. Pick the seven predicted numbers from history or play only one number. These predictions prove helpful for you in selecting numbers next time.



Mention the draw time of lunchtime results?

Majorly, lunchtime is the first lottery whose prizes are drawn the whole week from Monday to Sunday. And the prices are announced everyday afternoon at 12:59 PM.

What are cold and hot numbers?

These are the hot and cold numbers:

Cold ball: 42, 35, 1

Hot ball: 16, 10, 4

What is the standard strategy to win 49s?

Hot balls and cold balls are the typical strategies; hot numbers are those numbers that have been repeated multiple times in history. And a cold number is also a repeated number, but it has not been drawn for some previous years.

Bottom Lines

Eventually, lunchtime offers strict rules, and due to its premium style, it is played globally. The perfect thing that makes it the top-most among other lotteries is drawing this lotto twice a day. Moreover, the agent of this game publishes the latest results on the website for your ease

UK49s Teatime Results

There are two timings for teatime results drawn the whole year: its timings are 4:49 PM, and for February to October, its timings are 5:49 PM.

16 October 202115, 22, 27, 34, 36, 4431
15 October 20212, 9, 26, 34, 35, 3640
14 October 20213, 18, 28, 33, 37, 3910
13 October 20211, 4, 10, 28, 33, 4144
12 October 20211, 25, 30, 32, 39, 4223
11 October 202122, 26, 30, 32, 33, 3441
10 October 20213, 8, 13, 34, 36, 444
9 October 20214, 6, 7, 13, 20, 41 31
8 October 2021 9, 22, 32, 33, 40, 4913
7 October 2021 6, 12, 25, 36, 42, 4732
6 October 2021 8, 21, 24, 36, 39, 41 42
5 October 2021 12, 21, 27, 34, 37, 49 23
4 October 20212, 25, 38, 39, 41, 48 4
3 October 2021 23, 27, 30, 37, 40, 42 16
2 October 2021 7, 20, 29, 36, 38, 39 45
1 October 2021 1, 11, 12, 15, 16, 31 25

UK teatime beating

The Uk49s enables every player how much they are eager to bet on your chosen outcome. Unlike other lotteries, Uk49s Teatime Results has multiple price options and allows you to bet the price you can afford. Apart from this, the advantage of the betting structure is that you can realize the fee amount. Latest and Updated Result of UK49s Lunchtime Results & Teatime Results

Uk49s Teatime Price Structure

Specifically, this asymmetrical bet structure also has some side effects, like that the price structure is created in odd symmetry. The price will be changed because it depends on the player betting how much he intends to bet. Only players can never change one variant in this lottery, which is odd; despite this, all things are decided by players. Besides, the Uk49s provide odds for each outcome from 6-1 to almost 14000000-1.

Uk49s Teatime Results Predictions

Every person who plays this lottery has a craze to win it, and that’s why they do every possible technique to win this lottery. For this purpose, you will find hundreds of tips on the internet, but these are not 100% confirmed. Although you can play sharply by applying these tips and maybe after one failure next time you will be the winner.

How to Play Uk49s Teatime Lottery Game

  • Mainly, this lottery is alike the other lotteries.
  • To play this lottery, you need to select six numbers and one booster number from 1-49.
  • It depends on you what you desire to play the 6 or 7 numbers you drew.
  • The 7 number which you drew contains a booster ball. This ball increases your winning rates.
  • Also, you can choose any number of your own choice randomly.


What are the timings for teatime results in Uk?

The timing is fixed for tea time results every day; the winners’ names are announced at 5:49 PM.

How to win Uk49s Teatime Results?

Usually, players use a simple common strategy of M And X while choosing numbers. This typical pattern has a straightforward rule that is if you win by using this strategy, then you split your price among those who use the same pattern. Play consistently.

How many numbers must match to win the jackpot lottery?

To win 49s, every player has to select six numbers plus a booster ball to enhance the winning rate. This booster ball has numbers ranging from 1-49. Either you can play 6 or 7 numbers.

Bottom Lines

We are hopeful that you will enjoy this lottery and win a lot of prizes. Unlike other lotteries, this lottery is versatile and allows the player to select the bet amount according to their pocket. Also, we know that they love to play it because it offers many attractive strategies

UK49s is the most demanding lottery in South Africa and the United Kingdom, and its results are launched every year on 2nd October twice a day. Generally, the results of winners are announced at 12:59 PM GTM. The UK49s Lunchtime Results & Teatime results remain constant every year.