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Welcome to the France Lottery Result here you will get the Complete Update of the France lotto Result Updated. France Lotto Draw Take Place Every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday at 20:30 GMT. You Can Get the Complete History and Updated Result Of France Lotto Results with France Lotto History and Predictions.

France Lotto Results Today

Saturday 16 October 20215, 15, 23, 37, 46 Bonus Ball: 10
Wednesday 13 October 202119, 20, 21, 43, 49, 10
Monday 4 October 20215, 7, 15, 19, 44, 1
Saturday 2 October 202106, 08, 20, 35, 46, 09

Lotteries in France have a long and fascinating history. It was intro1duced was in 1505, under king François I. Since the early 1800s, hundreds of thousands of people have placed their hopes in the Lottery. Their only need was some luck: money! Currently, the majority of people participate and wait for the France Lotto Result. Organized by French des Jeux, the company that established EuroMillions.


Each time a lottery drawing is held, the number of winners is based on the unique codes generated when tickets are purchased. Lotteries have been around in France since the Middle Ages. The first Lottery was introduced by King Francis I in 1505. They were banned over the next two centuries, only to reappear in the 17th century under both public and private ownership.

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Nearly 15 churches in Paris were built with the help of lotteries, making them one of the most significant funding sources for religious orders in Paris.

It is famous that Napoleon Bonaparte attended a military academy built with lottery funds. In the French Revolution, lottery revenue made up as much as 7% of government revenue.

In 19313,  established under the name of French Lottery, Socialists founded them to increase state revenue.

It has remained a state-owned entity since then, operated by the French for-profit (FDJ). During the French Revolution, the French company was called the Company of Games.

Lottery Hot Numbers France

Some numbers appear on nearly every draw of the France Lotto results. There are a few numbers called Hot numbers, which are generally the numbers drawn frequently in recent draws. The odds of these numbers appearing are higher than the probability of the other numbers. In the same way, there are hot numbers and cold numbers, which have been drawn the least in recent draws.

Following the maximum number of rollovers and no match of the main prize, a combination has occurred. The entire amount of the progressive today jackpot is divided equally between secondary prize categories.

The French national Lottery allows remote participation and, in addition to multiple cash prizes, some fantastic additional prizes. Just pick five and one supplementary number on the online lottery ticket to qualify for the next drawing. If the participant wins, the World Lottery Online service will inform them via email or SMS.

Gameplay Rule of France Lotto Results

  • Five numbers from 1 to 49 and a chance number from 1 to 10 must be chosen by the player, and each ticket costs €2.20.
  • The winner of the top prize must match all six numbers drawn.
  • The rewards for reaching the main numbers range from a €2.20 refund for checking just the Chance number to a €100,000 cash prize for matching all five main numbers.
  • The cash will be awarded equally to all participants in the highest winning tier if, after 34 rollovers, there is not a top-tier winner.
  • If you bought your French Lotto tickets from the concierge, you might want to speak to your tax adviser before receiving your prizes. The prize money is awarded in tax-free lump sums

Online Availability Of Lotto Tickets

It is easier than ever to play Loto in France now that the internet has made it convenient. Anyone can buy a lottery ticket online easily. Then you will receive an online questionnaire with seven, eight, or nine numbers. From 1-49, choose five numbers. Combinations are possible in all cases.

You must also select a ‘Lucky Number’ from 1-10. Perhaps you will be lucky if you have a favorite number or day of birth. There is an online account for every player. There is a place where you can save your favorite numbers. An online system called ‘Quick Pick’ can help players pick their numbers, but most people like their numbers manually.

France Lotteries Online

France Lotto online is available 24/7 from any location in the world, increasing the chances of winning for everyone. Participating in the famous European Lottery and checking the results is essential if you hope to win. Find here the winning numbers of lottery competitions worldwide provided by reputable lottery services. In addition to the drawing results, France Lottery’s official website also has the results.

The next winner will be you; the French jackpot winner is

Consider yourself to have a slim to none chance of winning? It is important not to underestimate the power of a bit of luck because the past has shown that it works! During a draw in November 20131, a couple from Vienna won 131 million euros. I find it quite humorous. His wife checks the results of the draw every morning during breakfast, and he wants to remain anonymous. After they won the Jackpot, he probably discovered this as he was eating his bread. The start of the day was certainly more than satisfactory. Though it is not the biggest win in Loto France history, 131 million is still good.

The giant Jackpot hit ever was in 2013, and it was worth 24 million. More than 150 people have become multi-millionaires since 2002, thanks to the French Loto! Are you the next?

Additional information about prizes

With The France Lotto, There Are Many Prizes To Be Won

French people are very familiar with the name ‘France Loto, the most popular lotteries.

There is a chance to win great prizes during the weekly Lottery draws every Wednesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Choose a number

A ticket for ‘France Loto’ can be ordered online and from several stores. With this Lottery, you don’t have to worry about complicated rules. Only 5 numbers are needed from 1 to 49, and another lucky number is between 1 and 10. When the numbers match the balls that appear during the drawing, the Jackpot is yours!

Unique code

A unique code will be automatically generated for your ticket.

There are eight numbers and one letter in this. There is no limit to the number of times you can use a code. The player can choose between 10 or 15 sequences of codes. In a special box, each code goes, and you win 20.000 euros if they are all matched.

Occasions Notes

Many prize categories are used in France Lotto. Several years ago, the Lottery decided to offer additional prizes in addition to the traditional raffle drawing. You can also win 20 euros, 50 euros, and 500 euros in addition to 20.000 euros.

As part of the Christmas celebrations, a particular draw is held. Like ‘El Gordo’ from Spain, the Lottery also has a specific draw at the end of December. Also, on Friday the 13th, special prizes will be given away! We increase the amount of money for secondary tips for these special occasions to attract more players.

Odds of winning

Loto France Offers High Chances Of Winning

As compared with other lotteries, this Lottery has quite a high winning chance of 1:131. The France Lottery would be worth buying. Even better would be to become a millionaire on Friday the 13th! The ‘unlucky day’ on which you could win the Jackpot of more than 13 million euros? Should no-hit come up, the Friday the 13th Jackpot might increase even further. The Jackpot in 2014 was an astounding 17 million euros.

Good Things Are On The Way

Good fortune may come your way one day.

You will receive an email or text message from authorized persons. Upon winning a prize, you will receive an additional 2500 euros immediately. What has been your most valuable prize if you didn’t live in France? Thank you for your hard work!

Pack your suitcases, because you have to collect the prize in France. You won’t be taxed on the prize money. You can save your money in this way!

Wrapping up!

What do you guys want? You can earn significant money by playing the French Lottery. Let’s hurry up! Have fun playing this game. Making money online is easy with this game. There are millions of people from all over the world who are taking an interest in this game.