Greece Powerball Results 17 October 2021 – Latest Joker Results Updated

Greece Powerball Results, also popularly known as Lotto or Joker, is a famous lottery in Greece’s OPAP portfolio. This lottery is drawn a week thrice, but a player can play it anytime during the whole week.

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Greece Powerball Result 17 October 2021

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If you are new in the world of Greece Powerball, then stop scratching your head to figure out what Greece Powerball is and how you can play it. Right through this guide, you can get all details about what Greece Powerball is, how you can play it and when the Greece Powerball results are announced.

Previous Greece Powerball Results

Sunday 10 October 20213, 6, 10, 36, 39, 8
Sunday 3 October 2021 19, 21, 27, 31, 32, 13
Thursday 7 October 2021 1, 8, 31, 38, 41, 19
Tuesday 5 October 2021 4, 24, 31, 33, 39, 6

Greece Powerball Review

It’s quite an interesting fact to know that Greece has its own Powerball game, which many of us do not know about. Greece Powerball, popularly known as JokerJoker, is a famous draw-style lottery part of the national OPAP portfolio.

Founded in 19917, it was previously known as Greek Joker, which was later dubbed into the name of Greece Powerball. This whole game based on the lottery concept has a similar draw style in which some fantastic rewards are also included.

Tzoker, the owner of Greece Powerball, guaranteed that this lottery promises to grant high winnings beyond the imaginations. It has some significant rewards for the players, which grab the attention of millions of people to buy the ticket just in the hope to change their lifestyle.


Greece Powerball Results History

Tuesday 5 October 20214, 24, 31, 33, 39, 6
Sunday 3 October 202119, 21, 27, 31, 32, 13

Ever since its existence, this lottery game has announced jackpots of more than one billion euros. Although the prizes are not that much impressive, still they are enough to change your whole lifestyle! Around 1.5 billion euros have been distributed among countless lower prize tier winners.

Rules to Follow to Play the Greece Powerball

  • Make sure the date and the time are mentioned correctly and is not misprinted.
  • If your name is on the winner’s list, you should directly contact the official outlet.
  • Never purchase the lottery tickets from unauthorized boxes.
  • Players in the age group of 18+ are allowed to play.
  • Players should claim their winning price in a maximum of 2 days.

The minimum jackpot guaranteed in Greece Lotto is 300,000 euros, which is not that impressive compared to other international lotteries.  But still, it has somehow grabbed the attention of millions of people from all over the world.

Who can play the Greece Joker?

Ever since the game was established, there are specific rules and regulations made regarding the players who want to play the lottery. Any player who is about to play the game should be a resident of Greece. But now this restriction has been changed, and now all the international people can freely play this lottery draw from their countries.

There is no need to leave your home places to play the joker lottery because it allows you to sit on your home couch and play it with the fastest internet access. You are free to play it at any hour of the day and check the results from the official site.

One significant restriction of the game is regarding age! A player should be above 18 years old to be the player of this Joker. To claim your grand prize, the winner has to submit their documentation and age identification proof. It is speedy and easy to check the results and the winning numbers of Joker.

Pros & Cons of Greece Powerball

  • Two different draws will take place as per week.
  • All the international players can play this lottery.
  • The prices of tickets are reasonable.
  • It is available with the jackpot rollover.
  • Prizes are handed over in cash lump sums.
  • The minimum guaranteed jackpot needs an improvement.
  • Greece is based on the requirements of income tax policy
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In the Greece Powerball results, you will notice some of the numbers constantly appearing in every single draw. All these repeated numbers are also known as “Hot Numbers”. Such numbers are on repeat mode in the last couple of draws.

These numbers are entitled to be hot because their probability is on the higher side in comparison with other numbers. Similar to the hot numbers, there are some cold numbers as well. Cold numbers are those which are repeated less in just a few draws.

Odds & Prizes in Greece Powerball

An approximate odd of winning this Greece lotto jackpot is 1, which is slightly over 13.98 million. At the same time, the odds of getting 5 main numbers with bonus numbers correct are 1 in 2.33 million. This means that you are having an almost 1 in 55,491 chance of actually getting the correct 5 numbers along with 1 in 1,083 dollars for getting along with 4 correct numbers.

In case you match 5+1, you can win the estimated prize of 50,000 euros. But having just 5 correct numbers without any bonus will make you win 1,500 dollars in cash! In this way, the prize for the four accurate matches is around 30 euros, and for three correct matches, the winning amount is 1.5 euros.

We have already mentioned that the jackpot will instantly rollover, and the prize money is divided among those who achieved the correct matching numbers. The biggest jackpot ever was announced at the winning prize of 17.5 million euros which was distributed from the January 20, 2010 lottery draw.


Greece Powerball Results: How to Check?

Winners already have infinite time in which they can come forward and claim the winning prize. Soon after the draw, you should check the Greece Powerball results.

To get immediate access to all results, you can also catch the live session of the draw on TV. The official website of OPAP is already available with the information of latest drawings, result archives, and know about your ticket winning chances.

OPAP games will also provide you with a statistical analysis of the previous drawing results to calculate your winning opportunities. They are fully committed to giving you frequent and accurate information based on Greece Powerball results.

All about Greece Powerball Prizes & Pay-outs

Greek Powerball is having a minimum guaranteed jackpot of around 600,000 euros. As a player, you should match the five main numbers and the Token number in view with the respective drawing for winning the jackpot. If there is no winner, then the sum will probably roll itself over towards the next game edition.

With time, Tzoker has often produced some higher jackpots, exceeding a wide variety of million euros each.

The largest jackpot ever in Powerball history was around 19.3 million euros. In the year 2018, a huge prize amount of around 18.2 million euros was also handed over to one lucky winner. Considering the odds of winning these top prizes in Joker was at one time 24,435,180. Although these odds are not favorable, the players are still offered some excellent pay-outs to be the lucky ones.

Besides the jackpot, Greek Powerball also offers seven additional prize tiers. The second prize of the lottery is given to those winners who match the first five numbers correctly. This represents around 3.85% of funds that are generated through ticket sales. Later on, the amount is equally divided among all the players who are into correct numerical combinations.

Those players who somehow match with the four of the main numbers, as well as the Tzoker number, will be winning the prize of 2,500 euros. The smallest prize amount of 1.5 euros is for those players who got two numbers accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs


How you can search for Greece Powerball lucky numbers?

You can find the Greece Powerball lucky numbers for today through different sites, offering you a complete analysis of 49s. They make accurate predictions and hence provide the upcoming 8 numbers.

In how many sets, Greece Powerball results in balls are available?

Balls are generally available in two sets, i.e. main set and Powerball set. In the main set, you will get 45 balls played along with 5 balls drawn. But for the Powerball set, 20 balls are to be played with 1 lucky ball, which is drawn.

Which are the best days to play Greece Lotto?

Results of the Greece Powerball are hence displayed three times in a week i.e.Sunday, Sunday, and Sunday. Every player has two chances to win in one week.

How many numbers are there in a draw?

Numbers in a draw are announced from 1 till 49. All these numbers are derived through the live rolling of the balls in the container. This never gives the player an idea of which ball will come over their tray. Sometimes same numbers are repeated in a single tray in each roll.

Wrapping Up!

Summing up the whole discussion, Greece Lotto or Powerball is a 100% fair game available at affordable ticket prices. Although the Greece Powerball results and its prizes are not that much impressive, still they are enough to change your whole lifestyle! Powerball and Euromillions Fan are the two lotteries that are expensive and have ridiculous odds.