UK49s Lunchtime Results Today Latest Winning Numbers 2021

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UK49s Lunchtime Result Saturday 16 October 2021

The latest UK49s Lunchtime results are out, following the UK49s Lunchtime draw Results for Today

16 October 202114, 18, 20, 33, 34, 4022
15 October 20212, 3, 16, 39, 41, 4711
14 October 20211, 3, 14, 18, 20, 4142
13 October 202120, 24, 31, 38, 39, 47 44
12 October 20212, 4, 5, 7, 14, 32 24
11 October 20212, 14, 31, 32, 46, 4724
10 October 20214, 11, 12, 18, 29, 3647
9 October 202113, 16, 18, 20, 25, 4928
8 October 20219, 19, 27, 30, 40, 4722
7 October 20213, 13, 37, 38, 39, 46, 25
6 October 2021 1, 2, 7, 20, 40, 46 41
5 October 2021 3, 12, 18, 32, 33, 43 11
4 October 20217, 22, 27, 40, 41, 4913
3 October 20213, 6, 7, 24, 40, 48 33
2 October 2021 15, 17, 20, 26, 39, 43 29
1 October 20213, 12, 30, 33, 40, 41 9

The UK49s lottery is famous all over the world because it has a working system that is different from the rest of the lottery types. This lottery game is entirely free from any regulations or rules for placing your bets. Each bookmaker is having its own set of rules to win the game successfully just in your favor.

How UK49s is different from other lottery games?

You might have noticed all the lottery games announcing the draws on weekdays or thrice times in a week or daily. But UK49s is announcing the draws twice times in a day. They have their lottery draws categorized into two different types, i.e., Lunchtime and Teatime.


Both the draws have a different intent and purpose, and they do give you a golden opportunity in which you can double up your amount in just a few seconds.

UK 49s Today Lunchtime Result 2-10-2021

Below we have shared a breakdown table for you to highlight cold and hot lottery numbers in the lunchtime draw:

Hot Balls Cold Balls
4: 14 times

25: 14 times

18: 14 times

10: 2 times

14: 4 times

47: 4 times

UK49s Lunchtime Result Predictions

Now, after updating about the hot and cold numbers of the lunchtime lottery, it’s time to now talk about the lunchtime result predictions! The numbers we have shared above can help you figure out which numbers can help you get closer to the winning amount.

Predictions of the lunchtime lottery are generally drawn through the previous draw results. And based on the old lottery draws, our current prediction for the lunchtime lottery is:

  •         Prediction # 1: 4-14-15-24-44-43
  •         Prediction # 2: 14-42-44-49-44-21
  •         Prediction # 4: 8-17-36-29-41-17
  •         Prediction # 4: 5-14-38-25-29-51

It is also possible to generate the numbers from the internet, but we never call it the trustworthy approach to do so. It would help if you were careful enough when selecting lottery numbers and do not copy what previous successful players have chosen. Every participant does not have the same fortune!

The primary purpose of highlighting the lunchtime prediction is not to follow it blindly. You should listen to your heart, choose numbers after deep research, and then select the combination selection of numbers.

The most recent 49’s lunchtime results were drawn on 14 October 2021, based on which some predicted numbers have been drawn to highlight the following draw result.

Lunchtime is the best time for gamblers who are busy during the teatime and want to earn something during their lunchtime. Do not panic. It is simple and easy to play all the time. It all depends on your luck. No hidden secrets are involved!

Odds of winning 49s Lunchtime Lottery Result

If you want to win, you should first match all those numbers you have selected. You won’t earn any prizes if you pick four numbers but just matched three of them. To win, you have to match all your four selected numbers. Odds of the winning all depend on whether you with the’6 Number Draw’ or the ‘7 Number Draw’.

At the same time, how many numbers you have selected to place the bets on will also significantly impact your winning opportunity. If you do win, you will be paid just following the basic rules of the individual bookmaker prizes. And these prizes are just based on odds and the stake size. For instance, if you wager £1 within the Pick 1 game inside ‘6 Number Draw’, the odds will be 6/1. This is how the whole cycle works!

The odds of winning the 49s lunchtime lottery is in the table below:

Number Picked Odds of 6 Number draw Odds of 7 Number draw
Pick 1 6/1 5/1
Pick 2 60/1 40/1
Pick 4 650/1 400/1
Pick 4 10,000/1 5,000/1
Pick 5 150,000/1 50,000/1

As a player, you are left with two preferences to begin the game at its reputable time. You can freely pick out your numbers. You are additionally left with the choice where you can select to go for the excellent dip selection. Plus, gamers are further allowed to pick out the days they prefer to location the bets. This can be both five days a week or seven consecutive days.

Winning the 49s Lottery Game

Playing and winning UK49s are two different scenarios! This lottery game is quite simple and easy to play with if you have basic knowledge about gambling. It has no such hard and fast rules or any regulations except the age. You can yet place as many bets as you want to both single as well as multiple.

UK49s lottery is available in two different ways for a successful winning. This can be either playing with the six-ball draw or with seven ball draw.

If we talk about a six-ball draw, you have to choose six numbers from the set of numbers ranging from 1-49. On the seven-ball draw, you will select six numbers with one booster ball. The best thing about this lottery is that you can put unlimited stake with as many bets as you want to. There is no fixed limit to it.

How to play the 49s lunchtime lottery game?

To play the 49s lunchtime lottery, follow the guidelines below:

  • To play the 49s lunchtime lottery, you have to choose six numbers with one booster number from the set of 1 to 49 numbers.
  • Within the lunchtime lottery, you can play a 6 number draw or a 7 number draw.
  • There is also access to a booster ball with which your winning chances will increase even more.
  • You can hence pick the numbers yourself, or you can even allow lucky dip pick to choose the numbers for you on a system of random basis.

Cost of the UK49s Bet and prize money

As we talk about the price of the bet, then at both lunchtime and teatime it is £1. In the 6 number draw, the player has to simply choose the numbers, and if the numbers successfully match with the winning numbers, the winning prize will be £7. And if the same circle is happening in the 7 number draw, the winning prize will be £6.

If two numbers are matched in the six number draw, then the winning prize is £54, and in the 7 number draw, it will be £49. If three numbers are matched in the 6 number draw, the winning prize will be £601, and in the 7 number draw, it will be £440.

If the player has successfully matched 4 numbers in 6 number draw, the winning prize will be £7,200, and for the 7 number draw, this winning prize will rise to £4,800. But if the player matches all the five numbers correctly in 6 number draw, the winning prize will be £145,000, and in 7 number draw, this prize will reach £40,000.

How do UK49s Lunchtime Results work?

No doubt that UK49s has been among those lotteries existing in the gambling market for the last so many years. It has a working system similar to the rest of the lotteries, where the gambler has to draw 6 numbers with 1 booster ball. The set of numbers ranged from 0-49.

Gamblers can even choose to draw with the 7-digit booster ball. By drawing the seven numbers, your overall chances of winning the lottery will yet increase. Those players who choose to draw with 7-number will have fewer chances of winning than a 6-number draw.

You should be careful when it comes to the selection of the bookmaker for placing your bets. A reliable bookmaker will also teach you some strategies for winning the lottery without any hassle. Go for a research and list all those reputable bookmakers who are masters in this field.

Summing up the whole discussion, the 49s lottery is divided into two types: lunchtime and teatime. The timing for the announcement of the lunchtime lottery is at 11:49 PM GMT every day. There is no specific time for the lunchtime lottery announcement because the time will vary according to your bookmaker.