Uk49s Teatime Predictions 12 October 2021 – Latest and Updated

If you plan to place your bets on UK 49’s teatime, then knowing about the teatime predictions over winning chances is extremely important. For some people, UK 49’s is quite a strange thing that many of us do not actually know about often. Therefore, to highlight teatime prediction, we will give a quick overview of what UK 49’s is all about and how you can play it.

Our today’s Prediction is about the Uk49s Teatime Prediction Tuesday 12 October 2021. 100% Unique and Updated Winning Numbers are Listed Below


49’s is a famous lottery draw in the UK that takes place twice times daily. The announcement of the draw is divided into two schedules, i.e. lunchtime and teatime. Time will vary based on the online bookmaker with whom you are registered.

Uk49s Teatime Prediction 12 October 2021


5, 17, 22, 31, 39, 48


3, 8, 12, 25, 37, 42 


18, 28, 32, 26, 41, 47

Six numbers, along with the bonus number, are drawn through the balls marked from 1-49. This whole concept is known as “Booster”. It would help if you always played with the 6 or 7 number draw, including Booster ball. This will eventually increase your winning chances as well.

Hence, a player can bet on the 1 to 6 numbers through the 49 in each draw. The number pool will range from 1-49, so you will have 1-in-49 chances of selecting the correct numbers.

Historical Backgrounds of UK 49s Lottery

UK 49’s lottery is administered by 49s Limited, a famous lottery company working in London, UK. It was launched in 1996. Ever since its inception, it is operated twice times daily.

All the betting shop customers or those who have their accounts with the online bookmakers can place some fixed odds bets with 49s through varying odds. The difference might arise based on the number of balls selected and the type of bet you want to place.

How can you join the 49s lotto?

Well, to look for this answer, you need to do a bit of research to search for some bookmakers offering 49s betting services. These bookmakers are already available in the UK and European countries. Those residents who are living out of the UK, they can also play online through 49’s betting websites.

For the selection of bookmakers, pick the one which is offering reliable 49s odds and betting services. You can also find someone who provides access to welcome bonuses with some attractive features. Never purchase the lotto tickets from unauthorized dealers as they are fake enough.

How to register to play the 49s winning lotto?

To join an online bookmaker, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website link.
  • Register yourself with accurate details.
  • Deposit £/€5 or even more
  • If they offer, get a welcome bonus.
  • Read all rules and basic regulations.

How to Calculate 49’s Teatime Prediction?

The teatime prediction for the upcoming 49’s result is calculated by collecting results from the previous teatime draws. Results for those draws are then collected along with the frequency of each number that appears to be counted. Those numbers, which seem the most or even least in all those draws, will create a basis for the upcoming 49’s teatime prediction.

To get an idea about your winning chances, knowing about the future prediction will help you a lot.

The most recent 49’s teatime results were drawn on 4th September 2021, based on which some predicted numbers have been drawn to highlight the following draw result. Upcoming teatime prediction is:

22 49 12 17 27
1,126 1,121 1,095 1,127 1,099

Teatime Hot and Cold Predictions

With the hot and cold number predictions, you can easily know which numbers will appear in the next teatime draw. Predictions of the hot and cold number are generally made based on how many times did they appearances. Frequency calculation of hot and cold numbers for the previous draw is shared below:

Hot Numbers 22, 49, 12, 17, 27
Cold Numbers 29, 14, 24,7, 19
Hot Totals 39, 19, 47, 23, 17
Cold Total 14, 24, 9, 32, 30

Defining hot and cold numbers, hot numbers are those which are repeated most often in a draw number. And cold numbers are those which quite a lot appeared least times.

How to use 49’s calculator for calculating bets?

To place bets on 49’s teatime, you have to choose your numbers. For a better 49’s odds comparison, you can use the 49’s calculator as well. You can pick your favorite numbers from a list that somehow ranges from 1 to 49. A maximum of five numbers should be selected. The selection of more numbers will help you to earn more.

To use 49’s calculator, you have to follow the below-instructed steps

  1. Enter the amount.
  2. Pick a number.
  3. Click the “compare” option.

What is Bonus ball in 49’s teatime?

The Player has to choose the bonus ball with its main number. Through bonus ball, a player will have increased chances of winning the prize of the lotto. If you have selected three numbers and place the bets on these main numbers, then make sure you match these three numbers from the 6 drawn numbers.

If you want to play more or even twice, you should place your bet on numerous numbers. Try to pick multiple lines to increase your winning opportunities. Pick the numbers from different bookmakers and do look for the hot and cold ball numbers as well.

Be careful with the Selection of betting amount

As a new player, you should be careful about the amount of betting you are ready to place. Hence, there are no restrictions over the betting amount, and there is no fixed prize jackpot. The biggest investment will open more doorways for you to increase your winning price.

In addition, you should be equally careful about the number of draws you want to bet on. Do in-depth research about the teatime and lunchtime, and then pick a reliable draw time to play on.  Both the draw schedules have a different intent and purpose, but their playing and winning prize is almost the same.


So what are you waiting for? Collect more details about 49’s teatime predictions and place your bets on it to earn a high amount of prizes.

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